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Wellness & Beauty

The SPA at Pacółtowo Palace is specifically arranged to offer you complete relaxation, tranquility and regeneration. An oasis of calm that marries the latest technologies to the knowledge and traditions of oriental cultures. This carefully arranged intimate space generates the perfect mood to help nourish your body and soul.

Regain your harmony and leave your worries behind

A holistic approach to health and well-being is so important. The ancient Indian philosophy of Ayurveda treats the body as the temple of the soul, and as such requires appropriate care and attention. Atmospheric interiors, tailored décor and fragrant oils are all conducive to deep relaxation and regeneration, and together with modern cosmetic treatments using professional equipment you will soon look radiant, feel good and find your inner beauty. We only use natural products, in line with our 'slow-life' philosophy.

It is your elevated expectations that shape the various treatment packages that we compose to help bring harmony to your mind, body and soul. Rituals are carefully selected to help in energising, relaxing, oxygenating and slimming and will deliver long-term vitality, well-being and great looks.

To that end we place great trust in the holistic philosophy and properties of Ayurveda. To ensure the best possible results, all treatments are individually tailored, based on current needs and expectations.

A taste of the orient

For those who yearn for a taste of the orient and the magic of ancient Indian philosophy. Our resident masseur, Jubair Changampalli, is a master of Ayurvedic massage and yoga, and has put together a real treat for mind, body and soul.
A feast that will release the body's stored energy, and stimulate the lymphatic system. Watch your vitality and energy levels increase, restoring harmony, reducing anxiety. Be at one with your self and the environment.

Wypoczywaj aktywnie

For the very active, why not embellish your stay with our weekend yoga classes in the palace park. Swimmers can enjoy the year-round swimming pool in the palace basement and the 25m outdoor summer pool.

Our Welness & Beauty Zone is a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Our friendly and attentive staff are always on hand.

Spend an unforgettable time with us. Lounge in the Turkish bath for some 'hot body and soul' therapy to reduce stress, fatigue and tension. It is also a well-established method of cleansing the body of toxins, improving immunity and smoothing the skin.

By enriching water vapour with essential oils and herbal aromas, a Turkish bath will help you relax and regain inner harmony.


Vita Balance - Intensive dry skin care - moisturising

Vita Balance - Intensive dry skin care – lipid regeneration

Fluid Effect Treatment - Intensive moisturising treatment with active substances

Anti-Couperose - Sensitive Care for couperose-prone skin

A'la Maria Lionza - Regeneration treatment for tired skin

Whitening Cellular - Treatment for discolouration-prone skin

Perfect Combination - Restores balance to mixed and oily skin

Advanced Biogen - Intensive skin regeneration for tired and demanding skin

Collagen Biomatrix - Intensive collagen treatment for all skin types

Pielęgnacja Twarzy by Thelago

Silicium Marine Treatment - Wypełnienie zmarszczek i efekt liftingu

Aquarelle - Zabieg intensywnie nawilżający dla skór szarych, zmęczonych odpowiedni na problemy worków pod oczami

Re-Balancing Treatment - Zabieg balansujący do skóry tłustej i mieszanej z mikronizowaną algą

Purete Marine Ritual - Intensywny oczyszczająco-przeciwtrądzikowy rytuał

Beauty Hydration Ritual - Zabieg nawilżająco – upiększający

Absolute Hydration Ritual - Zabieg intensywnie nawilżający z kompleksem save bleue

Cold Cream Marine Ritual - Regeneracyjno-odżywczy zabieg dla skóry suchej i wrażliwej

Clear Expert Treatment - Zabieg rozjaśniająco – odmładzający z prowitaminą C

Dermo – Stim Massage - Przeciwzmarszczkowo - liftingujący masaż twarzy

Basic Cosmetics

"Beauty Waves" - radio waves

D’Arsonval revitalisation

Cavitation peeling

Cavitation peeling with mask

Cavitation mask and ampoule


Sonophoresis with cream mask

Diamond microdermabrasion

Needleless Mesotherapy

Body care

Relaxing Lavender Mint - Relaxing. Gentle. Soothing. Based on meadow oil, lavender, mint, orange, ambergris, vanilla, and champagne pears.

Energizing Lime Mandarin – Energy. Vitality. Freshness. Based on lime, mandarin, jasmine, white musk and champagne pears. Nourishes and moisturises every type of skin / peeling & mask body pack

Full-body Seasalt Scrub - cleanses, detoxifies and refreshes the body during massage, thoroughly and gently removing dead skin cells. Nourishes the skin, making it smooth and elastic, preventing drying.

Bust/Buttocks Vacuum Massage - VacumElectroColor pump achieves a remarkable push-up effect to accentuate your curves.

Cellulite ‘Pressing’- lipodermic massage using VacuElectroColor pump. Quickly breaks up and destroys advanced cellulitic deposits, soothes cells and aids the flow of nutrients to the upper layers of the skin. Stimulates the excretion of excess fluid, and accelerates the flow of lymphatic fluid between lymph nodes.

Chromotherapy - increases collagen synthesis and revitalizes, soothes and regenerates skin. Electro-stimulation TENS – muscle stimulation using and an electric current. Strengthens and regenerates muscles, and improves blood supply.

Hand and Foot care

Classic Manicure

OPI Infiniti Shine Manicure

Hybrid Manicure

"Velvet Hands" SPA Manicure

Classic Pedicure

OPI Infiniti Shine Pedicure

Hybrid Pedicure

"Alabaster Foot" Pedicure

Paraffin Bath" Pedicure

Hybrid Varnish Removal


Classic Massage - restores natural muscle tone and improves blood supply to tissues.

Lavender refreshment - Massage with lavender oil to smooth the skin, leaving the body totally relaxed, with fresh aroma of fruit.

Orange oil energetic massage - regenerates and firms the skin. The natural orange essential oil will invigorate your senses and relieve tension.

Tea oil energy massage - alleviates headaches, sinus problems and muscle pain. It also brings welcome relief to rheumatic afflictions.

Hot Stone Massage - combines the warmth of basalt stones and selected massage techniques. The stimulation of energy sources in the body brings deep relaxation and a release of tension from each part of the body.

Chocolate massage - hot chocolate and cocoa butter? Sounds delicious. The antioxidant effect of cocoa slows down the skin’s ageing process, and its vitamins and minerals will both nourish and relax.


Because Indian massage treats the mind and body as a single entity, the benefits that flow from it are physical, mental and spiritual. Traditional massage has 3 principal physical benefits - it stimulates the circulatory system, speeds up metabolism and reduces muscle and joint discomfort.

Katti Basti Massage - An Ayurvedic treatment to relieve back pain. The spine is ‘warmed up’ over a certain period of time to reduce stiffness and strengthen bone tissue. Warm oil deeply penetrates the skin, stimulating blood circulation in the spine to nourish and strengthen muscles, ligaments and nerves.

Mukabhyanga Massage – An incredibly pleasant and relaxing face, neck and head massage using the highest quality Ayurvedic oils from India. This traditional Indian face and head massage will nourish and rejuvenate the skin, relax the face muscles, stimulate microcirculation and significantly improve blood supply to the skin.

Eakamga Abhyangam Massage - A combination of back and shoulder massage and hand reflexology using warm and fragrant oils. This totally relaxing message for deep rest, where reflexotherapy techniques release energy to stimulate the organs.

Padhabhyangam Massage - Padabhyanga is a Ayurvedic foot massage to improve circulation and put a spring in the step. It is deeply relaxing and helps cure many ailments. Padabhyanga rejuvenates the skin, giving it improved elasticity. The treatment is especially recommended for those who are overworked and exposed to stress.

Abhyanga Massage - One of the best healthcare methods described in the ancient Indian system of medicine. Abhyanga stimulates the lymphatic system to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins, and dramatically reduces stress levels. The Abhyanga is a strong, penetrating massage using warm Ayurvedic oil from head to toe to bring the body to full balance. The therapist uses varying degrees of pressure in different directions to balance three dosha energies. This treatment is totally relaxing and will eliminate fatigue and increase endurance.

Abhyanga Massage + Mukabhyanga - a combination of Abhyanga and Mukabhyanga massage.


Lavender Relaxation – a salt-floral peeling to smoothen and detoxify the body., followed by a subtle blend of almond and lavender essential oils to relax the body and calm the mind.

Coconut Symphony – a gentle peeling with sweetly-scented coconut flakes is the perfect precursor to this long moisturizing ritual. Coconut oil is rich in vitamins B, C, and E and contains important antioxidants. This is a soothing, anti-aging treatment.

Shea Delight – a gentle sugar peeling will prepare your body for this nourishing ritual. Rich in vitamins A and E, shea butter smoothes and oils the skin. This treatment is especially recommended for sensitive and allergic skin.

*We serve flavoured lemonade with each ritual.


Deep massage - A slow-speed massage that works on deep muscle tissue, designed to restore fitness and mobility. The massage reduces pain, restores posture, increases flexibility and smoothens movement.

The massage comes in one of three forms - medical, sport and therapy - and can last 30, 60, or 90 minutes. A short conversation with our physiotherapist will determine the type and duration of your massage.


We offer individual yoga classes with our coach from India. On weekend days throughout the summer we put on group activities in the park alongside the pool.

W Pałacu Pacółtowo pracujemy na produktach:

THALGO to jedna z najbardziej rozpoznawalnych marek kosmetyki profesjonalnej w Polsce i na świecie. Preparaty Thalgo bazują na minerałach obecnych w algach oraz substancjach pochodzących z dna morskiego. Dzięki temu posiadają wyjątkowe właściwości odżywcze i regenerujące.


Thelago kosmetyki luksusowe

BABOR to luksusowa, niemiecka marka, słynąca z łączenia naturalnych substancji czynnych pochodzenia roślinnego z najnowszymi osiągnięciami nauki. Zarówno produkty jak i metody pielęgnacyjne BABORa gwarantują najwyższy poziom zaawansowania i skuteczności – aby skóra była zdrowa, zadbana i wyglądała pięknie. 

Babor kosmetyki luksusowe

DaySPA w Pałacu Pacółtowo

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The Dylew Hills are a relatively undiscovered though magical jewel on the Polish map. Their topographic and aesthetic qualities openly encourage active recreation, and have have been instrumental in shaping the region's cultural heritage.

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The palace restaurant serves slow food, with certified organic products from the Palace's own farm. The restaurant is featured in Gault & Millau 2016 - one of the world's most prestigious and influential culinary guides.

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