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Pacoltowo is a small village at the foot of the Dylew Hills, just a stone's throw from the historic battlefields of Grunwald. And it is here, among the thousands of acres of green fields and meadows, where our two hundred-year-old historic palace sits.

The beginning of the 14th Century

The history of Pacółtowo dates back to the beginning of the 14th century. In 1325 were the lands were granted to the Prussian nobles, Glabune and Kunike.

Over the following several centuries the estate passed from hand to hand. Other notable owners were von Eppingen, von Petzdorf and von Wernsdorf.

At the turn of the 19th century, Ahasverus von Brandt enlarged the estate to some 600 hectares and constructed a palace. By the end of World War II the estate was the hands of the Volprecht family. After the war, the estate and palace became the property of the State.

A totally unique place

In 2000, the property was purchased by a private investor and is now used to raise exclusive Charolais and Limousine cattle breeds.

In 2008 the farm and palace was bought by the present owners. Enchanted by the surrounding area, they decided to restore all the properties to their former glory, to create an absolutely unique place, full of historical charm.

Now open to guests, the palace interior has been transformed into an intimate, comfortable, and exclusive conference and concert centre, with a Wellness & Beauty complex.

Two swimming pools and a fully-equipped, modern equestrian centre.

We now enlarged the farmland footprint to over 1000 hectares. The entire acreage is given over to meadows and pastures, which enhances the recreational value of the space, making it ideal for horse riding, hiking, cross-country skiing and long-distance cycling.

New ideas, goals set have been realised by comfort that the Palace offers to its Guests. Luxury indoors, convenient location and high quality service is our guarantee that we ensure. A well earned relax and full rejuvenation away from the city chaos.

Impeccably Cultured

Impeccably Cultured

We strive to demonstrate impeccable taste and culture in everything we do. This is reflected in our painstaking attention to detail in decor and fittings, antique furniture, original works of art, and the cultural events and art exhibitions we organise.
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