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These Regulations set out the terms and conditions for the provision of rental services, the facility does not provide hotel services.



We rent the facility on an exclusive basis, for individual and group stays (including weddings, special occasions and business events). Exclusivity means that we will not rent other parts of the facility to other Clients at the same time. The buildings and infrastructure included in the rental are individually defined in each case in the rental agreement, due to the possibility of  temporary exclusion from use. Rental means the possibility for the Lessee to stay in the building(s) or on the specified premises for the agreed period. Any other arrangement for its validity must be included in the rental agreement.

The minimum rental period is one night's stay. The maximum rental period is one month.

A rental day lasts from 2 p.m. to 12 a.m. Late check-in and  check-out may be agreed, while maintaining the length of a rental day, i.e. 22 hours.

The halls and rooms in the Palace building are air-conditioned.

Smoking is prohibited in the buildings. The buildings are covered by a fire protection system monitored by the National Fire Service - triggering the alarm will result in the arrival of a Fire Service unit. Unjustified triggering of the alarm will result in the Lessee being charged the related fee.

The prices shown in the price lists or offers do not include the rental of swimming pools and baths and other services not specified above (e.g. catering). The bathhouse and swimming pools are available for a fee, by prior arrangement.

Clients interested in additional services, are requested to inquire in advance about their availability.

The rental offer does not include the services of the equestrian centre or the beauty and massage parlours.

In any case, Pacółtowo Palace Sp. z o.o. is responsible only for renting the buildings and infrastructure and is not the organiser of the stay/event. The organiser of the stay/event (Lessee) is obliged to comply with all formalities, including sanitary regulations, and to obtain all permissions necessary to organise the stay/event.

In the event of exceeding the rental time (i.e. of the Lessee, his/her guests, cooperating companies, etc. staying on the premises) after the end of the agreed rental period, the Lessee is obliged to pay the Lessor on-site 1/22 of the total rental price (gross) - according to the basic price list, for each started hour of exceeding stay.

In case of exceeding of the agreed number of occupants, the Lessor, at his discretion, shall be entitled to:

terminate the rental with immediate effect, without returning the price paid to the Lessee and without reimbursing any costs to the Lessee and his affiliates. The Lessee and the occupants of the Lessor's premises shall immediately vacate the Lessor's property and remove all their belongings (including rubbish, waste etc.), or

require the Lessee to pay an immediate surcharge on the price to take into account the increased number of occupants.

Should additional sanitary-epidemiological requirements arise, we reserve the right to charge additional fees.

The deposit will be used to pay for any damage, the cost of disposing of waste left behind by the Lessee, guests and service companies, as well as fees for exceeding the rental period or the agreed number of guests. If the value of damages, charges and the cost of waste disposal exceeds the amount of the deposit, the Lessee is obliged to pay the difference to Pałac Pacółtowo Sp. z o.o. within 3 days from receiving such information.

The deposit shall be returned within 7 days from the end of the rental period. The deposit is not interest-bearing.

The Lessee shall be liable for any damage caused to the property of Pałac Pacółtowo Sp. z o.o. in the period from: making the subject of the lease available to the persons indicated by the Lessee, to leaving the property of Pałac Pacółtowo Sp. z o.o. by the Lessee and persons invited by him/her and persons/entities servicing the event, caused by persons other than the Lessor's employees (including but not limited to himself/herself, persons invited by him/her, persons/entities servicing the event and undetermined persons).

We do not cancel bookings made - we leave the property available on the agreed date in accordance with the rental agreement.

The price of our rental service includes 23% VAT. If you require an invoice or fiscal receipt with your VAT number, please inform us before making the payment. In the absence of such notification, we shall provide a fiscal receipt.

Offers made by Pałac Pacółtowo Sp. z o.o. are valid for 7 days after its receipt, unless a different period is indicated in the offer. The offer is not a confirmation of acceptance of the booking or reservation of the date.


We confirm the acceptance of the booking once the terms of the rental have been agreed with you (the agreement takes the form of a document summarising all the arrangements and your expectations) and the full price has been paid together with a refundable deposit of PLN 2,500. If you are interested in booking the facility in subsequent years (not included in the price list), we will offer you additional individual arrangements.


During the rental of the premises of Pacółtowo Palace, services of companies employed by the Lessee related to catering and event/stay may be provided, provided that the Lessee's written arrangements with Pacółtowo Palace include:

details of the organisation of these services (their nature, duration, etc.),

contact details of the entity providing the services (name, telephone number, email address).

The Lessee is obliged to:

acquaint the entities it employs with these Regulations and is responsible for their compliance with them,

identify all persons and companies performing the service for him/her, if they are to have access to the infrastructure of Pałac Pacółtowo Sp. z o.o. before the date of commencement of the rental.

Under no circumstances shall Pałac Pacółtowo Sp. z o.o. be liable for the performance of services by companies employed by the Lessee, nor shall it act as an intermediary or be responsible for settlement with the Lessee and/or entities employed by the Lessee.

Agreeing the terms of cooperation between the Lessor and the company the Lessee intends to choose for catering and waiter service requires a prior meeting. We reserve the right to refuse to cooperate with a designated company.

Prior to the termination of the rental, all waste shall be removed at the Lessee's expense, jointly and severally with the Lessee, by the company that brought it onto the premises of Pacółtowo Palace.



The session shall take place inside (common rooms, selected suite) and/or outside the palace - at the discretion of the Lessee (Bride and Groom/Photographer).

It is possible to postpone the session due to weather conditions - no later than 3 hours before the agreed time.

The session fee is charged for each commenced hour of rental. We issue a receipt or an invoice (please notify us of the need for an invoice and details no later than prior to payment).

It is the responsibility of the Lessee to state who will be doing the session, how many people there will be, the Photographer's contact details and to warn the Photographer of our rules:

The Photographer is allowed additional time for setting up and gathering the equipment, i.e. 30 minutes (15 minutes before and 15 minutes after the session) - this time is not included in the session duration. If the session requires longer set-up (equipment, etc.) a correspondingly longer rental time must be agreed.

Photographs and footage taken at our place during the session and used by the Photographer in his/her portfolio and other professional (but not commercial) purposes will have to have our logo, and captions under the photographs/videos (if any) will also have to state that they were taken at the Pacółtowo Palace. If there is such a need, please contact us about making the logo available.

To use the photos/videos for commercial purposes, including but not limited to advertising, promotional or informational purposes, our written consent must be obtained and an individually agreed fee paid.

Photos/video for the bride and groom for non-commercial use do not have to include our logo or information on where they were taken.

It is the responsibility of the Lessee to call 601-502-272 on the morning of the session in order to confirm it or possibly reschedule the session.

Booking a session date means that no other session will be held on the same date (hours on the day). However, this is not an exclusive rental of the facility and it may happen that the facility for that day is rented by someone else. If this is the case, we will offer you a reschedule or refund the deposit received, but we will not refund any fees or costs associated with the scheduled session. The information about the bookings made/cancelled (for exclusive rental) is received by us within 2 days notice before the particular date. This is when we contact you and provide you with the information.

In order to ensure a guaranteed date, we offer exclusive rental of the palace. The minimum period is one night's stay


We confirm the booking of the session after agreeing the conditions in writing with you and paying the full price.


Pałac Pacółtowo Sp. z o.o.

Al. Jana Pawła II nr 11, 00-828 Warsaw

NIP: 5272804502

Bank BGŻ BNP Paribas S.A.

Account No.: 37 1600 1462 1839 8211 6000 0003

Bank Swift Number (BIC): PPABPLPK

IBAN: PL37 1600 1462 1839 8211 6000 0003

Please note, if you wish to receive an invoice, including an invoice with your VAT No. , you must declare this before making payment and provide the details!

The version of these terms and conditions in Polish is legally binding other language versions are for information purposes only.

Terms and Conditions - version 4

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